The European Testing and Experimentation Facilities for Agrifood Innovation

Our mission

To foster sustainable and efficient food production AgrifoodTEF empowers innovators with validation tools needed to bridge the gap between their brightest ideas and successful market products.

Built as a network of physical and digital facilities across Europe, the project provides services that help assess and validate third party AI and Robotics solutions in real-world conditions aiming to maximise impact from digitalisation of the agricultural sector.


We focus on five impact sectors and propose tailor-made services for the testing and validation of AI-based and robotic solutions in the agri-food sector. 

Arable farming

For the Arable sector, AgrifoodTEF will propose services for testing and validation of robotic, selective weeding and geofencing technologies to enhance autonomous driving vehicle performances and therefore decrease farmers' reliance on traditional agricultural inputs.  

Tree crops

For the Tree Crop sector, AgrifoodTEF will propose services for testing and validation of AI solutions supporting optimisation of natural resources and inputs (fertilisers, pesticides, water) for Mediterranean crops (Fruit orchards, Olive groves). 


For the Horticulture sector, AgrifoodTEF will propose services for testing and validation of AI-based solutions helping to strike the right balance of nutrients while ensuring the crop and yield quality.  

Livestock farming

For the Livestock sector, AgrifoodTEF will propose services for testing and validation of AI-based livestock management applications and organic feed production improving the sustainability of cows, pigs and poultry farming. 

Food processing

For the Food Processing sector, AgrifoodTEF will propose services for testing and validation of standardised data models and self-sovereign data exchange technologies, providing enhanced traceability in the production and supply chains.  


For the Viticulture sector, AgrifoodTEF will leverage facilities in the vineyards of some of the most productive wine regions in Europe, where AI can deliver value by improving the quality of the final product and the sustainability of practives.

Catalogue of TEF Services

This section provides a link to the latest Catalogue of AgrifoodTEF Services that are already available to use by European SMEs and other organisations. 

Node leaders

The consortium of partners, coordinated by Raffaele Giaffreda, is composed of some of the major European players in the field of digital innovation applied to the agrifood industry.

Organized in three national nodes (Italy, Germany, France) and 5 satellite nodes (Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Spain), it offers its services to companies and developers from all over Europe who want to validate their robotics and artificial intelligence solutions for agribusiness under real-life conditions of use, speeding their transition to the market.

Latest updates

All TEFs Open for Business, Berlin (4 March 2024)

After the first turning point in this exciting 5-years journey all TEFs are getting together at the upcoming "All TEFs Open for Business" event. Expect to hear more details on how your organisation can be supported to test and validate your solutions in real environments. A good networking opportunity to find out more about the first catalogue services and how to engage with AgrifoodTEF Partners to exploit such a unique opportunity offered by the project. More information in this press release and this is the registration page

Synergy Days in Thessaloniki (4-5 October 2023)

Book your calendar for Synergy Days! AgrifoodTEF will be part of such an important initiative, bringing together hundreds of experts from the many European projects concerned with Digital Agriculture.  Promoted by the SmartAgriHubs community, Synergy Days are open for registration at this link

Cross-TEF Launch Event (27th June 2023)

AgrifoodTEF is amongst the 4 TEF projects participating to the launch event organised in Copenhagen on the 27th June. Click here for more detailed agenda and here for a recording of the event. 

AgrifoodTEF project kick-off (1st February 2023)

AgrifoodTEF had its launch event on Wednesday, February 1st 2023. For the occasion, the Node Leaders, the project coordinator and Ms Cecile Huet (DG Connect, Head of Unit CNECT.A.1) gathered to present "The European Testing and experimentation Facility For Agrifood Innovation" in a nutshell. 

Find below a brief introduction to the project by its Coordinator Raffaele Giaffreda

The kick-off event in has been streamed live and its recording can be found here Recording of AgrifoodTEF Launch Event.

View the speakers and programme

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